3-way damper

3-way damper


The 3-way dampers are two separate dampers in one unit.
The dampers can be built either as Serie 150 or Serie 200 depending on the application.
For more information regarding construction, see the separate datasheets for each series.

Range of application

For air, hot air and flue gases. Max. temperature: 800° C Max. design pressure: 0,5 bar (g)

Technical information

The 3-way dampers are normally equipped with one actuator and a linkage connecting the two
valves, making the unit work as a diverter damper. But we can also mount a separate actuator
on each shaft for individual control.
It is also possible to manufacture one or both dampers as air sealing dampers – see separate datasheet.

3-way dampers can be manufactured in square or round design, with one or several shafts.
Normally it is equipped with our standard flanges or flanges according to customer standard,
but it can also be manufactured with weld ends.


The 3-way damper is a 2-in-1 solution with both dampers and piping in one package.
It provides a fast and simple installation with less flange connections.

Our dampers are 100% custom made. Please use our form to fill in a quotation or call us for any other questions

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