Check valve – S600

Check valve - S600

The S600 is a check valve for gas applications with an adjustable counterweight to balance the disc.
The Serie 600 check valve is normally equipped with flanged ball bearings and no adjustable shaft sealing to minimize friction. However, this damper can be built with a wide range of options such as shaft sealings, dead end side and permanent magnets on request.

Range of application

For air, flue gases, process gas, exhaust gases. Max. temperature: 500° C Max. design pressure:
0,5 bar (g)

Technical information

Serie 600 is equipped with ball bearings on one or both sides.
The design can either be without shaft seal or with stuffing boxes. Without stuffing boxes, there is less friction and it is easier to balance the disc. With stuffing boxes there is no leakage out to atmosphere but in turn greater friction.
The function of the counter-weight is usually to balance the disc, helping the damper to open even at low pressures.

The Serie 600 can also be used as a pressure relief valve by using permanent magnets to set a specific opening pressure.

Serie 600 can be manufactured in square or round design, with one or more shafts. Normally it’s equipped with our standard flanges or flanges according to customer request, but it can also be manufactured with weld ends or wafer type.


Easy to balance due to the external, adjustable counterweight. Low friction with the external ball bearings.

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