Industrial Damper – S150

Industrial Damper - S150

The Serie 150 damper is a heavy duty, industrial damper. It is equipped with outer ball bearings and adjustable stuffing boxes on drive side. The opposite side is a dead end – no maintenance required on this side.

Range of application

For air, hot air and flue gases. Max. temperature: 500° C Max. design pressure: 0,5 bar (g)

Technical information

The damper is designed in our 3D CAD software, where files for laser cutting is generated and used to cut all parts.
The Serie 150 dampers can be manufactured in circular or rectangular form, with one or multiple shafts.

There are many different options for operating the damper, such as electric or pneumatic actuator (on/off operation or regulation/control), hand lever or hand gear. Normally it is equipped with our standard flanges or flanges according to customer request, but it can also be manufactured with weld ends or wafer type.


The benefits with Serie 150 is that no service platform is required on the dead end side. It can also be used where space is limited and since the dead end side is maintenance free, it can be covered with cladding.

Our dampers are 100% custom made. Please use our form to fill in a quotation or call us for any other questions

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