High Process Damper – S200

High Process Damper - S200

The Serie 200 dampers are heavy duty, High Process dampers, equipped with outer ball bearings and adjustable stuffing boxes on both sides. Serie 200 can be designed for up to 1100° C.
Each damper is designed and constructed for your specific requirements and operation.
For high temperature dampers, refractory lining (heat-resistant material) can be used.

Range of application

For Heavy flue gases with high ducst content and process gases. Max. temperature: 1100° C Max. design pressure: 0,5 bar (g)

Technical information

The shaft is penetrating the damper housing and the damper disc is welded directly on the shaft, which makes for a secure construction. The adjustable shaft sealings effectively prevents gas
from leaking out to atmosphere. No keyways or couplings are used within which can cause
problems if corrosion occurs.


Serie 200 can stay in one position for a long time without maintenance cycles. The outside mounted bearings have no contact with the media and can be protected with thermal insulation.

Our dampers are 100% custom made. Please use our form to fill in a quotation or call us for any other questions

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