Guillotine, Gate valve – S500

Guillotine, Gate valve - S500

The Serie 500 damper is of the type guillotine or slide gate valve. The design allows for a free area when the damper is open. It is used for gases but also for wood chips, ashes, pellets etc.

Range of application

For heavy flue gases, ashes, pellets etc. Max. temperature: 900° C Max. design pressure:
0,5 bar (g)

Technical information

The Serie 500 dampers are manufactured with an adjustable stuffing box around the blade, ensuring that no leakage to the atmosphere will occur.

The damper can be operated in a variety of ways: manual wheel, electric actuator, pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders.
Serie 500 is a very robust construction, manufactured in square or round design. For electric and manual operation, it is equipped with one or two leadscrews.


Suitable for use where low pressure drop is required or when the media is pellets, ashes etc.
In open position the damper blade is outside of the flow, giving the damper a free duct area.

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