Light Industrial damper – S100

Light Industrial damper - S100

The Serie 100 is a very robust construction for industrial ventilation applications.

Range of application

For industrial ventilation applications. Max. temperature: 200° C Max. design pressure: 0,2 bar (g)

Technical information

Serie 100 has no shaft sealing which reduces the required torque and a smaller
actuator can be used. Note that gas leakage can occur around the shaft.

Serie 100 is manufactured in round design but also available in square design on request.
The damper can be fitted with electric or pneumatic actuators.
The damper is equipped with standard ventilation flanges, not the same flange standard as for
Serie 150 and 200. Disc sealing are steel to steel or soft seal.


The construction is designed to have a low manufacturing cost. When an actuator is mounted on
the Serie 100 dampers, the low torque requirement means a smaller actuator can be used,
making the design even more cost effective.

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