Disc Damper- S450

Disc Damper- S450


S450 is our traditional disc damper with 100% geometrical tightness. The damper disc is fully lifted from the gas stream in open position and it is therefore suitable for operation in gases with high dust content.


For flue gases with high dust content and process gases.
Max. temperature:             500° C

Max. design pressure:       +/- 0,5 bar (g)

Size:                                    Up to 2000 mm



The damper disc is slightly cupped and hinged in the center, which results in an evenly spread force against the damper seat when closed.

The disc damper can be manufactured with circular or rectangular connection, with flanges or with welding ends.

The dampers can be equipped with hand gear, electric actuator or pneumatic cylinder.

Mechanical blocking of the damper disc and inspection hatch are available as options


Series 450 has a free duct area when in open position.

Very high level of tightness.


Our dampers are 100% custom made. Please use our form to fill in a quotation or call us for any other questions

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