Disc damper – S400

Disc damper - S400

The Serie 400 is our new disc design damper – a further development of a traditional disc damper.
Serie 400 has 100% geometrical tightness (near 100% gas tightness) and the force from the actuator is evenly distributed across the entire sealing area. This has moved the barrier towards higher tightness on dampers.

Range of application

For flue gases, process gas, exhaust gases. Max. temperature: 500° C Max. design pressure:
0,5 bar (g)

Technical information

When approaching the closed position, the disc moves straight towards the sealing of the damper. This movement gives the Serie 400 a unique closing geometry with high tightness. As the gas flow helps to close the damper it is very suitable for applications where pulsation or high differential pressure occurs.
The damper is designed in our 3D CAD software, where files for laser cutting is generated and used to cut all parts.

The Serie 400 dampers can be manufactured in circular or rectangular form.
The stuffing box is equipped with a cast gland in stainless steel as standard. The bolts and nuts are also in stainless steel to prevent corrosion problems.


Serie 400 has a high tightness without using an air sealing system.
The mounting length is short compared to standard disc dampers, making it cost effective.

Our dampers are 100% custom made. Please use our form to fill in a quotation or call us for any other questions

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